Skateboard Design Challenge Winners

21 Jul
Skateboard design by Sebastian Ayau

The winners of the Solid Concepts Skateboard Design Challenge are Brian Hamilton, Sebastian Ayau and Tas Oszkay. Thanks to all who participated; it was a tough competition against many evocative and engaging designs. Solid Concepts will be 3D printing the winning boards using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. Which design was your favorite?

To 3D Print a Rocket

16 Jul

We recently covered a story on University of Arizona students successfully designing and launching a 3D printed high power rocket. Their rocket benefited from three key 3D printed units: Motor mount, tailcone and fin structure. By applying the design capabilities of 3D printing with the material performance of high-grade thermoplastic ULTEM, the students saw huge […]

Prototyping a New Watch Design

10 Jul
Prototyping Devon Watches

Back in 2010, Solid Concepts was featured in Design News for its prototyping work with Devon Works in the article “Materials Decisions Critical to New Watch Design”. Devon Works set out to design a new awe-inspiring watch unlike any other. Their new concept relinquished traditional watch hands and opted instead for beautifully interwoven time belts. […]

3D Printing with Artist Daksh Sahni

08 Jul
Sahni 3D printed shadow sculpture

Last summer we worked on a captivating 3D printed installation with designer Daksh Sahni. Continuing the tradition, we caught up with Sahni in LA once more as he furthers his work into rendering the complex and geometric as involved 3D printed objects. Daksh Sahni is an architectural designer turned computer gaming designer. He describes his […]

Innovation in High Power Rocketry Using 3D Printing

01 Jul
3D Printed Rocket Components (3)

I was introduced to 3D printing through an internship a few years back. A part I had designed required form and fit assembly testing; we 3D printed a replica using Stereolithography (SLA). My fascination with 3D printing began there while watching the SLA part grow in the machine, and stayed with me throughout college. For […]

How It’s Made: The 3D Printed 1911 Pistol

26 Jun
3D Printed Metal Gun Components Disassembled Low Res

The original 3D printed metal gun, which debuted back in November 2013, made headlines when it became the world’s first handgun produced using additive metal manufacturing technology. The .45 caliber pistol has since fired over 4,600 rounds without failure (as of 6/12/2014) and continues to prove the strength and accuracy of laser sintering technology for […]

3D Part Scanning from Solid Concepts

17 Jun

We’re excited to announce a new offering: 3D part scanning for small to medium objects with the intent of future 3D printing. This service provides everyone, regardless of 3D modeling expertise, with the advantage of digital files for 3D printing. The 3D scanning process works by directing light onto the surface of an object and […]

RAPID 2014 Slot Car Design Challenge

10 Jun

Solid Concepts’ Miguel Landeros entered the RAPID 2014 Slot Car Design Challenge with a beautiful model inspired by indy race cars. What inspired the design for your car? I was mainly inspired by the indy race cars while I was designing the slot car. I also incorporated some kind of aesthetics from more commonly known […]

Solid Concepts Delivers First 3D Printed Pistols

05 Jun
3D Printed Ring of Fire

We released news of our additive manufactured (3D printed) Browning model 1911 pistol last November (not that anyone’s forgotten, but time has passed rather quickly in the interim). The pistol made history as the world’s first 3D printed metal gun. From the trigger to the barrel rifling, the pistol incorporates thirty-four 3D printed metal components […]

Reinventing the Spoon: Prototyping to Perfection

03 Jun
Orange NumNum - 2 Shot

Babies weren’t meant to use the same eating utensils as adults. They lack the motor skills, finesse and classes in etiquette. The spoon has been re-imagined as a bright plastic utensil with symmetrical front and backsides for seamless maneuvering. The new utensil is for the smallest of our species, revolutionizing the strange and archaic notion […]